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Why we limit digital image file sizes

The pixel dimensions of digital image files must be limited in order to…

Why we have limits for Image Evaluation and Digital Image Competition files

It's for practical reasons. The Club's digital projector has a resolution of 1920x1200 pixels and this determines the maximum file dimensions for Digital images.

We expect that there will be more images submitted for the Digital Image Competition rounds than for Image Evaluation. For this reason, and because we plan to display the Digital Image Competition entries on our website, it's important to limit the impact of large files on website performance, and on the mailboxes of the Electronic stewards.

Limiting the size of competition images will also be more considerate of judges who may not be on high speed internet connections.

File size limits

Digital Image Competition
Maximum dimensions 1920 pixels wide x1200 pixels high
Maximum file size 2MB

How to prepare your Digital images in the required format and size

The link below will take you to a tutorial for beginners, explaining how to save image files with the correct pixel dimensions and file sizes to comply with the Digital Review standards for the Club.

The tutorial was written before the Club introduced a Digital Image Competition. However, the principles are the same. All you need to do, to use the tutorial as a guide to producing your Digital Image Competition files.