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Naming convention

How to name your image files to comply with Digital Review and Digital Image Competition rules

This is important information. Please adhere to it. The same naming convention now applies to both Digital Image Competition and Image Evaluation images.

So what is the naming convention?
Well it used to be more complicated before we got with it and decided to put our competition and Image Evaluation images on the Net in Coppermine. Coppermine's album structure now organises the files for us, eliminating the need for a very structured filenaming convention.

So forget everything that was specified before 11 December 2008! We now have a much simplified naming convention.

The new (simplified) file naming convention

All images, whether for Digital Image Competition or Evaluation must be named in accordance with this convention. Non-compliant images may will be disqualified (deleted before judging or Evaluation takes place).

Here are the simplified rules:

  1. The filename begins with a string (word or words) containing any of the following characters: a-z, 0-9, _ (underscore), - (dash)
  2. The filename may not contain any of the following characters: $/\\:*?"'<>|!`& or (space).
    If you try to upload a filename containing any of the forbidden characters Coppermine will block it.
  3. The filename must end with your 3 digit member number.
    Otherwise there’s no way the image can be identified as yours by the stewards.
Summerlove046.jpg I don't read instructions999.jpg
Pleasegetitright876.jpg Wots rong with numbers?.jpg
Itsnotthathard623.jpg Whothehellareya.jpg
Im_begging_you031.jpg 3<2-inyour dreams2231.jpg
WhiteCheekedHoneyeater055.jpg Asking for disqualification.jpg

Note: All uppercase, or all lowercase or mixed case is acceptable for filenames. Arguably, it's easier for a person to read and translate the filename if it is shown in mixed case as in the example above.

Compare the readability of...

ForWhomTheBellTolls367.jpg Vs forwhomthebelltolls367.jpg

Image Sequences

If you are submitting Evaluation images that need to be displayed in a particular order - for example a before and after processing version of the same photograph - please ensure you name them so they'll appear in alphabetical order, by appending a sequence number or letter to the filename.

Please don't name your images like so...

ForWhomTheBellTollsBefore367.jpg and...

...because 'after' will come before 'before' when the images are sorted alphabetically.

If you name them like this...




...they will be sorted correctly and they won't create extra work for the Image Evaluation coordinator. The Image Evaluation coordinator may reject images that don't comply with the naming convention or request the author to correct the filenames.