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Description & Guidelines

Image Evaluation is a club activity where digital images submitted by members are projected on a screen and reviewed and/or critiqued by the members present. It is not a competition.

The Image Evaluation can take any one or more of the following forms:

Usually, the Image Evaluation will be led by a mediator to ensure that it flows and everyone has an opportunity to participate in the discussion. We will endeavour to have different mediators from month to month so that all who are interested in that role can contribute.

In a nutshell, Image Evaluation is about the members of the club talking about all aspects of photography using member photographs as examples. It is intended to be a growth and learning experience for all.

Critiquing a photograph

A critique is a detailed analysis of a photograph that deals with the positive as well as the negative aspects from the viewpoint (only) of the critic. It's all about constructive criticism. A 'perfect' photograph can still be critiqued, if only to point out why it is perfect so that less experienced photographers may develop their own critical eye in appraising photographs. A critic is not necessarily right or wrong - just offering their opinion for what it is worth.

We should bear in mind that, as artists, we can be sensitive about our work. If we have something negative to say about a photograph, please bear this in mind and be polite. Most members who wish to grow in their art would prefer to hear a polite negative opinion than have it go unsaid. We can all learn from the likes and dislikes of others. We learn much less if people believe our work could be improved and don't offer how or why.

The Image Evaluation Process

From time to time (usually 8 times per year) members will be asked to submit images for Evaluation to Coppermine.

There will be a deadline for upload of the images to our Coppermine gallery - usually the Sunday before the Image Evaluation evening.

On the meeting night, the mediator will lead discussion. Authors will be invited to come to the front and present their images and talk about them. Questions and feedback will be invited from the floor.

Format for Digital Review images

Naming convention for DR images

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